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07 June 2018 mumbai


Team Building Workshop

Teamwork is the heart and soul of a company, organization, family or relationship. Groups are comprised of individuals; and individual drive, skills a...

21 April 2012 Mumbai

Stress Management Workshop

Someone at work seems edgy, hypersensitive to criticism, is easily discouraged or has poor concentration and a short attention span --- S/he could be ...

19 May 2012 Mumbai

Time Management Workshop

In reality you can never manage time, the clock simply ticks off the seconds, minutes and hours while you do what you do. Time Management is Self Mana...

26 May 2012 Mumbai

Foods and Nutrition Workshop

What wisdom is to mind same is food to body. Eating food is a necessity but eating intelligently is an art.  Food is closely related to the probl...

16 June 2012 Mumbai